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Future Partnering With MediMani MSO

Join the collective, become part of a thriving community and
stay at the center of your career!

Integrating a MedSpa to Your Salon

Begin your aesthetic journey with a brand that emphasizes elevating positivity and wellness in clients, while building a conceivable future for you, and supporting the medspa community.


The Medispa industry keeps expanding, and as of 2018, it generated $16.5 billion in revenues. The market will double by 2030. The demand for aesthetic services is on the rise, and nurses can take advantage of this opportunity to elevate their careers and opportunities, nationally and globally!

No Setbacks. Run Your MediSpa With Full Support From Our Team!

We as an experience management service organization (MSO), a franchise-like system with minimal upfront costs, remain committed to our promise of making the entire procedure smooth for you. MediMani offers full support across the following areas to solidify your place in the medspa industry.

Things you avoid when you partner with Medi-Mani MSO

Expensive Equipment

We partner with some of the most affordable vendors to offer you deals that will cut time to earn ROI down substantially.

Writing Overwhelming Business Plans

You don't need to worry about going through the cumbersome task of writing a business plan. We'll develop a plan unique to your practice!


Medmani has well-developed hiring plans and protocols that will bring in the workforce required to cover your operations

Manual Tasks

We have a fully automated POS software system that helps in scheduling and managing clients.

Risk Mitigation

One often overlooked benefit of MSOs is the ability to compartmentalize liability for all involved parties. For example, medical specialists or physician-owned firms take on minimal business risk when operating in an MSO-managed facility

What You Need to Get Started & How We Can Help!

Check Out The Steps


Step 1:

After receiving your Request for Information, a MediMani franchise-like development representative will contact you to discuss your experience, financial qualifications, and answer initial questions.


Step 2:
Building a Personal Profile

We require you to fill out some information that will assist us in subsequent dealings.


Step 3:
Offer Review

A brief meeting is held online to discuss our MediMani MSO business model “medspa inside the nail salons”, market, offer, and other important deciding factors.


Step 4:
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The Management Services Agreement/Business Development Agreement (MSA/BDA) will be provided and a conference call will be scheduled to discuss details like initial engagement, operation fees, support services, and current operating performance. We also discuss how we will help you grow the business with minimal, if no upfront costs.


Step 5:
Franchise Owner & Operator Validation

A meeting will be organized for you to interview the current MediMani’s Medspa Owners or Operating Managers on any section of the proceeding you value.


Step 6:
Formal Clientlication

A request for consideration and Personal Financial Statement are submitted along with a formal MediMani medspa Clientlication.


Step 7:
Med-spa Clientroval

Once you make your final decision to become a MSO Medspa owner, we’ll take a final decision on your application. Once mutual agreement is reached, final agreements will be forwarded to you for action.


Step 8:

Congratulations! You are now officially a MediMani’s med-spa owner. As you prove your commitments as a contributing owner, we welcome you to become a partner in our MediMani MSO. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your success and exit through either M&A or stock market.




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