Linh Nguyen

Chief Medical Information Officerr

Expertise area

  • Former Major, ER/Family Physician and Chairman of Infectious Disease of Sheppard Air Force Base Hospital. Board-Certified Family Physician Executive with MMM fellowships from USC and AAPL.
  • Invest, coach, and implement patented Population Health Platform and Service Model, i.e. and billed 60 M in 8 months for 375,000 patients.
  • Found Safe Harbor Network, a physician network for home systems in AZ & CA, which reduce hospital costs from 51% to 27% of total PMPY for MA payers, ACOs & DCEs.
  • Identify and invest in start-up personalized genomic diagnostics and therapies, i.e. CKD, Cancer, and Covid, etc., healthcare Real Estates, and NFT blockchains.



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10893 N Scottsdale Rd #109 Scottsdale, AZ 85234


+1 866-686-2284